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The first adult animated web-series about a black woman created by a black woman.

Frolana is a mental health professional by day and a complete mess by night. Watch as she helps her clients manage their personal wellness while dealing with her own relationship issues, career struggles, and bouts of impostor syndrome, not realizing she has what it takes to survive adulthood.

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Tiny Fros: Animated Series

Tiny Fros: Animated Series
Tiny Fros: Episode 1 | Better off Burgundy
Play Video

Tiny Fros: Episode 1 | Better off Burgundy

Tiny Fros: Episode 2 | Allies & Aloe Vera
Play Video

Tiny Fros: Episode 2 | Allies & Aloe Vera

Tiny Fros: Episode 3 | Chakras Ain't Sh*t
Play Video

Tiny Fros: Episode 3 | Chakras Ain't Sh*t

Tiny Fros: Episode 4 | That Girl, Trauma
Play Video

Tiny Fros: Episode 4 | That Girl, Trauma

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In 2015, Erika Rose began drawing Tiny Fros by E. Rose (TM) as a study to get back into cartooning and it quickly developed into a brand all on its own. With the help of a few inspirational words, Erika's illustrations transformed into a persona that gave advice on navigating life as a millennial adult. With over 400 posts on Instagram, @Tinyfros has been a source of motivation and affirmation for the past 5 years. Now, we'd like to take it up a notch and create an animated series!

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E.Rose | Creator
Illustrator, Animator, Writer

Erika is a visual artist from Virginia currently residing in California. ​During the day she works as a Design Manager and by night
an illustrator and animator.

She attended James Madison University to study Computer Animation and SCAD
for Design Management​. Erika is passionate about creating art that is entertaining and inspiring. Thus, Tiny Fros was born.

Team Headshots_Toya.png

LaToya “Lyndre” Ransom
Voiceover Coordinator, Writer

Born in New York and raised in South Carolina, LaToya is a middle-school English teacher during the day; and by night, she’s a Singer/Voiceover Artist.


She is a Hampton and Howard University alumna with a focus in Journalism/ Communications. LaToya has been able

to use her love of the English language, music, and voice-over acting to bring the Tiny Fros world and characters to life.

Team Headshots_Mikey.png

Michael Frempong
Writer, Marketing/Production Assistant

Michael is a DC area native working as an Instructional Systems Designer by day and pursues his creative interests, which include but aren’t limited to screenwriting,

at night. 

He is a double alumnus of James Madison University. From developing quick skits for talent and step show routines to writing plays in church as a kid, Michael's passion for tv and film help him lend his perspective to the Tiny Fros world.


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Tiny Fros Quotes

Tiny Fros by E. Rose™ is a cartoon brand synonymous with the personal wellness culture. Through social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook, this team of relatable characters exists to [help] guide you through the ups and downs of adulthood.


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